As the metaverse concept becomes more prevalent in everyday life, some countries stand out for their eagerness to embrace new technology.

Indeed, the top countries in terms of metaverse adoption have high scores in areas such as fixed broadband speeds, internet prices, the number of blockchain financial startups, and the cost of high technology export.

Even though we have a general idea of what the Metaverse will be like, it is still in its early stages. For the time being, I’m learning more about GameFi; ever since I started playing WAM tournaments, I’ve become obsessed with blockchain games and all the cool prizes. So, I believe it is premature for me to consider the Metaverse, I believe I will only use it for gaming.

How about you?

Notably, the Netherlands is the most metaverse-ready country in the world, with a metaverse readiness score’ of 7.74 out of 10. Switzerland comes in second with a score of 7.61, followed by Lithuania with a score of 7.39, Malta with a score of 7.31, and France with a score of 6.96.

Is your country ready to join the metaverse?
Although the researchers acknowledged that the metaverse is still in its early stages, they cautioned that certain risks should be anticipated.

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