Disclaimer: Always DYOR. This is my opinion and experience with flooz.trade exchange in a past months since it was released. If you want to ask anything or you just have different opinion and experience and you want to share it please do it in kind manner. If you want to know more in the end of the post there is link to the SYA x Flooz.Trade where you find more.

1. NO slippage, NO gas setting adjusting and NO errors.

Yes my friends! With Flooz.Trade you dont need to adjust gas or slippage ever again. Its all automatic and running in background, calculating the best option possible.

What slippage should I set for SafeMoon, SYA or any other token? How much gwei I should pay? I have no clue. Neither of you or any new person who is trying to figure PancakeSwap or Uniswap for the first time. And even if you do, with every new token you are trying to trade there is unique slippage. How many times I tried to buy new token and I get ERROR message or I couldnt buy DIP fast enough because I forgot to pump the gas fee. We all know what I am talking about.

With Flooz.Trade everything is automated. Everything is smooth and transparent. There is only one slider called "Pwew" to set how fast you want it. Thats all. After every transaction you get nice Ticket with all the neccesary stats and info about the trade. And you can share it aswell. The verified tokens has a small badge so you know you are swapping the right one and you can go to the official website of the token right from the Flooz.Trade. Its easy to use all in one exchange.

2. Buy crypto with Apple Pay, Google Pay or debit card – NO KYC

You know the typical process:


Register on Exchange > KYC yourself > buy BNB or ETH > send it to your wallet > connect to DEX

and you are finally ready to go. Or you can try


Wallet > connect to Flooz.Trade

and you can buy BNBs without KYC up to 500 USD and swap for the tokens effortless.

3. Multichain, coming by the end of October

This is now in testing by a tested group and will be released TODAY! And its going to be really huge. This thing will make PancakeSwap and Uniswap obsolete. We will be able to buy ETH with Apple Pay or Google Pay and buy tokens immediately right after.

4. Social trading aka BUZZ

You know Etoro where you can trade stocks and follow succesful traders? Well the BUZZ will let you follow successful traders. In addition if you traded token you can comment it and share your experience with the others. The people can Upvote/Downvote it.

5. Tracking your balance, history of trades + ability to HIDE unwanted dust tokens.

This one is super nice. You see number of tokens you hold, the price change of the tokens and overall value of your portfolio. I love this feature, previously with MetaMask I needed to check the BSCScan/EtherScan to see the right value of the token. You can check the activity of each token you swapped. Lately they added the ability to hide so called "dust" tokens. Dust tokens are essentially worthless tokens sent to you by scammers so they can trick you and steal your other valueable tokens. So the extra safety is nice addition.

6. Simple referal system that actually works and earn you money.

Refer a friend to trade on Flooz.Trade and earn BNB for every trade they do. So each trade someone make through your link you get 0.1% of the traded amount. You can schill your favourite token and get rewarded.

In upcoming weeks there is going to be the v2.0 of the UX for the flooz and it will add charts and make overall experience even simpler.

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