I was looking for a long time and found an excellent service www.spreadscan.com, about 15 exchanges, with the ability to turn off unnecessary exchanges and choose the coins that are interesting to us.

I found it very useful and pleasant service. Maybe someone uses it? I want to read reviews.

Subscription costs $ 50 a month, but in my opinion it is not a lot of money for such a product. I saw koin knigth, but there it is arbitrage between 2-3 exchanges and I can not see rates on all necessary exchanges, and the number of tokens is limited.

On spread scan there is everything you need.

What else I noticed in other services is a limited number of coins and filters.

I wrote an email to tech support, they quickly responded, I was interested if there will be added new exchangers and affiliate program, they quickly replied and wrote that new exchangers will be added almost every week and trash tokens and exchanges with low liquidity will be removed. Also spread scan is going to become a broker and redeem your tokens in real time, how will that work. You see that let’s say shiba is $0.000012 on Binance and $0.000015 on Gate, in order not to wait for withdrawal and input the guys are creating a service where they can quickly redeem your tokens at the highest price.

Their affiliate program will start in the middle of next week.

One more thing. They will soon have a $3000 lottery among their clients.

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