I recently got into meme coin trading and started researching some DEX platforms that I can use. I founds a great one called Tokensight that has limit order support and a high level of security for my funds. It has a very low trading fee compared to other DEXs on the market. And i was wondering why most people still go with other options when Tokensight is clearly the best option out there, super fast, low fees, cold wallet like security and rug protection.

Additionally, the platform has it’s own token that is currently at a very low price $TKST (75% rev share to token holders) and a fully doxed team. Considering that it has a one up on most of the competitors in the space and a doxed and determined team, I would say it has some great potential. Would love to hear your option on this topic as I am new to the space.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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