I've been following the phenomenon over the past few days and I want to sum up my conclusions in a few bullet points:

  • Akita Asa is officially the First real memecoin in the Algorand Ecosystem, which is absolutely innovative and, let me say it, mindblowing since Algorand it's the 20th biggest crypto in the entire market. This guarantees to Akita a status symbol that will always have and will make a huge difference in the long run;
  • Akita is still in is early stages: Shiba = $33,673,577,746 mc —- Akita Asa = $4,000,000 mc.If they manage to get only the 1% of Shiba success this would mean 350Millions market cap.
  • Akita is the most watched coin on Tinychart (Official Algorand's charting website) with a stunning 250 viewers and counting. To give you an idea Yieldly has 2 viewers and 142M market cap. Go to check if you don't believe it, it got the attentions of many investors who are waiting on the sidelines;
  • Akita represents a new concept, we all heard of memecoins, a lot of people are interested into it. This is proven by the fact that most of them had incredible gains. The market has a huge demand for this kind of coins and once ETH and BSC community will notice the first memecoin on Algorand, a huge part of BSH and ETH wealth will probably be transferred into it;
  • Akita is bringing in a lot of new investors from other crypto communities, Algorand is going to benefit from this broader exposure. Look to the Algorand trasactions, the increased a lot over the last weeks;
  • Akita has a flourish community, one of the biggest ASA on Algorand, with 1,500 members on Reddit, 1,631 followers on twitter, 3,000 active holders. It just retraced today after yesterday's pump, now it's a perfect moment to enter;
  • Akita it's doing great with marketing being present in major /r and running airdrops, NFT competitions and much more. It's not just a meme coin, there is a whole concept around it. It's on process to receive the official badge and to be listed on important websites.

For more info:
ASSET ID# 384303832
Website: https://www.akitainuasa.com/

These are just facts, I finally decided to grab this opportunity and invested into it. Akita is still on it's early stages and I don't want to miss out. Let me know what do you guys think.

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