What are the best websites/apps you use for DeFi and researching liquidity pools, staking, TVLs, APRs etc? Let's share!

These are mine:

1) Dune Analytics: personally I like it a lot bc its visual. for ex. you can see how much OHM is staked here) + other stats.

2) Multifarm: Use mostly for exploring APR yields and Protocols. Their interviews with yield farmers series is excellent too.

3) Defi Llama: to check TVLs and also potential Airdrops (who doesn't love an airdrop!)

4) Coingecko (well…yeah its a given I guess)- I use it to go to the correct protocol pages and not get phished. Also the Portfolio feature, and the DEFI page.

5) Apeboard / Debank.com : There isn't a single defi LP tracker that encompasses all the chains, so I use a combination of these.

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