Hi people from /r/WSB *and /r/SuperStonk! I've seen a lot of you over the past couple of days ever since the LRC news and it's great that you're here. More exposure is always better and since we're mostly here to make money so is the extra capital so I'm not trying to gatekeep and it's honestly very refreshing to see a lot of new users.

Few things though:

  • This isn't WSB. I've seen multiple people calling others names which is normal and funny (and expected) on WSB, but it isn't the norm here.

  • I've seen some new people calling red candles "dumps". A 5% red candle after a 25% pump in under an hour is not a dump, a pullback, retracement or consolidation: it's normal in crypto. I'd reserve those names for a 25% drop after a coin pumps like LRC just did.

  • If a new person asks a question they usually get a decent answer, so please don't mess with the new users like you'd usually do.

  • Shitposting is obviously allowed (and how a lot of the farmers here harvest their moons), but we still try to be nice.

  • Expect more volatility than in stocks (unless of course you usually meddle in FDs)

  • This will probably fall on deaf ears, but don't over invest in meme coins. Chuck a nice bag of cash into some of them if you like but losing half of that within a few days is a big possibility.

  • Open up your vaults and you can receive moons! It's free crypto for the karma you receive. On the official reddit app on your phone (doesn't work on desktop) there will be a vault button in your settings.

So yeah welcome, but remember to be nice!

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