Like in nature we have forest fires, tsunami, floods or hurricanes – in economy, no matter if it is housing market, stock market or crypto, we have some bigger or smaller disasters. It is how it is, we can’t stop no matter how hard we will try.

We had 2008 crisis after which BTC was created, then Mr Gox, problems with China, Luna, FTX, Covid and war in Ukraine or now Silvergate and USDC. And those are just a few apocalypses in last 15 years, in next 15 years we will have the same amount or maybe even more. It is not simply bad, it is also opportunity. Some people get ruined, some make crazy money on shorting. There is always valance. If not those events economy and crypto would be terribly boring and unprofitable. Market can’t grow whole time.

Will stablecoins, companies, coins, exchanges or banks stop dying soon? No. They do it since first stock exchanges were created in XIX century and even 1929 or 2008 didn’t stop anything. Simply it is impossible. If you invest in anything you need to understand all you have can go down. Only thing you can do is be smart, diversify and don’t take unnecessary risk.

If you want to be in crypto for long term you need to understand that in next 10 years you will experience simmilar situations every few months.

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