We are about to have our fourth consecutive green month, the last time this happened was in 2019 and then we had even five consecutive green months.

We are inching closer to our next monthly close and how times flies that this is the fourth month of the year already. January was very eventful as we finally had left our bear market territory with a massive rally from $16k to $21k in a matter of days. February was more of a consolidation month as we hit many major resistance zones and had to correct.

And we all know how amazing and nerve-wrecking March was, where multiple major banks like SVB and Signature collapsed and at first Bitcoin was going down with them, but then as people started hedging into Bitcoin and against banks, we had a sharp take off. Which send us even beyond major resistance points of $25k and towards $30k for the first time since a year.

What a journey it has been this year so far and I am sure it is not over yet…

Data from Coinglass, showing monthly Bitcoin closes

April was once again more of consolidation month for Bitcoin but on the last meters it seems like we in a better position and are looking to close the month in green too.

This would mean four consecutive green months, the last time this happened was even before our 2021 bull run, 4 years ago during our “mini bull market“ in 2019. Back then we even had a considerably big fifth green month. It will be a challenge for us to even have May close in green, but this year has teached us enough that we should not doubt Bitcoin.

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