I am a holder of this coin and noticed a huge drop on it today. I bought in long ago when it was wonderland and under the guidance of the person who created Spell coin.

Looking at this I see this as being robbed. While NTT may have a use case for buying a single one for “soul” bound ownership (which sounds evil as ever to me as I didn’t agree to anything “soul bound” and do not now). This is a bait and switch as well as a market stop not put on by the market but by the coin owner which would force all those who hold it to be stuck with something that actually isn’t a coin anymore nor a commodity, token of asset of investment.

This is a way of creating fraud by excuse, which is a way of saying this is valid, giving a bunch of jardon and reasons of why this happens but in the end leaves everyone holding empty bags of nothing as their coins now are worth 0 on the market place. Effectively removing it from the market.

How do we combat this? Is this against the law? Who do I report this to? When I started voicing concerns in the discord (which I suggest you join and see yourself). I was accused of FUD but this isn’t fud this is really theft If I effectively no longer own this coin (as I can sell anything I own and by doing this I no longer own it but am told I do).

I would love some help here and any guidance as well as any cases this has been shown to do anything but lock in the money spent on the coin for the coin creators and those who facilitate their sales (market owners should be looked at as well with this as they are going to have more than one issues show up as well with this being something that is traded on their marketplaces).

Also, does anyone know who this Sifu guy is and how much experience he has here? He seems to be the one doing this and owning the vast majority of coins. I would love a link to his Bio and performance of previous roles as I am not sure where to look for that.

This should maybe be seen by the SEC as this could be formalized fraud in the making, the use cases here do not align at all with a commodity and the NTT naming really makes something not a coin or token at all unless it gives permanent ownership of something tangible and fungible (which ownership already does) –

Should we also be looking into criminal activity here? They are not saying that there is any payment of dividends or any financial value of this becoming an NTT so I really don’t see it any other way. Help experts on here, I need you <3

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