Trace Network Labs is enabling a full stack Metaverse technology for businesses & individuals to launch their own 3D experiences with all the components being powered and built natively using Blockchain including and first of it’s kind web3.0 native real looking #BUDDY avatars. You can relate with it like we are SHOPIFY of metaverses.

Further, using the same technology it is helping Fashion & Lifestyle businesses & individuals to launch their own experience stores, events, concerts etc.

TRACE network’s team consists of experience of industry veterans and energy of young founders to keep the aggression as well as sanity. While one Sunil (co-founder) of Trace brings huge network, relationship, sales & technology experience on table, Lokes Rao (co-founder) has ability to work round the clock & deep understanding of the technology as well as industry to scale the business.

Sunil & Lokesh (The Founders) have worked for more than 35 years in the fashion industry. They have been working with manufacturers, sourcing companies, biggest of the brands including ASMARA, Technopak to name a few. Hollister , Abercombie & Fitch, Mango, Erima, Cecil, Tom Tailor, Zara, Cleo, Allen Solly These are just a few of the brands handled by ASMARA. Both ASMARA and Technopak hold more than 50% market share, globally.

Trace is an integral part of these companies, working hand in hand to Digitize Fashion. Which means Trace has already onboarded these brands and are going to make announcements when the time is right. Sunil & Lokesh, having been dealing with these brands for the last few decades, speaks about the relationship they have and the amount of business they are already getting. Partners : Polygon, Huobi, Magic, Biconomy to name a few.

Products BUDDY: Their digital avatars minted as NFTs and interoperable across different platforms & chains. Somewhat shitty as they need to improve on quality. But they are real life looking avatars. BLING: Marketplace for their own merchandise for avatars namely BUDDY. Notably, the NFT avatars are wrapped NFT ( unique in current market too). Means you can wear different clothes and they are NFTS too. Hence tradeable on marketplace BLING. METASTACK: The infrastructure layer they have developed is being used to build metaverse related products on top of it. As they say, I haven’t tested or used the contracts yet. They are not public. PARIZ: The FASHION metaverse (Avocado sandwich we discussed above) which has already onboarded a few of above brands we discussed. It will be a site when BUDDIES roam around this fashion metaverse PARIZ and try different clothes available through their marketplace BLING.

TRACE network raised approximately $2 million in seed round at $7m FDV from these investors. The only respectable names though, for me, are Jump Crypto & Polygon. All others are flippers imo & seems they have already off loaded their bags (unlocked tokens) already. $TRACE is so undervalued currently. With FDV at 1.5 Mil it’s already trading 5x below seed price. Current Mcap : $925K

TRACE is currently available on & Huobi Global.
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