Tommorow the hard work of your labor is being rewarded. All the shitpoists, all the TAs that never hit the target, all the moonshots you tried to shill and got rekt for it! It's all coming to tommorow's special day. Brush your teeth, wear a good suit, and give a handshake to your fellow redditors who got you where you will be tommorow. Work on your "parade walk" as if you are in wolves of wall street. Order that expensive 3$ wine bottle (as you have been drinking only water and eating cookies the past month to increase your investment). YOU DESERVE IT. Though tommorow is a good day, the day after you forget about all this and dive back into shitposting. Cause you can rest only when all the moons have been distributed. SALUTE!

PS: ADA do something I believe in you <3

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