Have you ever wanted to TIP your server at a restaurant or pub in crypto? Or as a service industry worker yourself, have you felt that you did not have complete control of your funds?

TIPro will bring a revolutionary mobile application that will allow service industry workers the ability to control 100% of their funds. This in turn will give consumers an application to TIP in crypto.

Not only that, GTUITY INC. the parent corporation of TIPro is building and designing an NFT marketplace to coincide with their launch week of their token. The many use cases of GTUITY INC. will bring an avenue of mass adoption to the crypto space and help integrate smaller businesses, and average people together and bring forth a new level of connectivity and decentralized finance.

TIPro is currently hosting a whitelist sale on sweepwidget at https://sweepwidget.com/view/37326-dcfl7ji1


Are you sick of really high taxes on your BSC tokens? Then look no further as TIPro only has a 3% tax to marketing.

Reason for this is to allow GTUITY to use TIPro to market TIPro. At GTUITY INC. it is a core value to bring transparency and trust to the community. With that in mind they implemented the 3% tax to promote buy pressure at launch, so folks do not feel they are losing money on frivolous taxes.

Public Presale – dxSale.

The Public presale will be hosted shortly after the whitelist sale is filled.

>10% spots filled on whitelist so hurry up and secure your spot and get your tokens before public presale!

Whitelist holders will receive unique NFTs based on their tier in the sweepstakes at the end of the whitelist, which will be given out on the day of the NFT marketplace launch.

Get in on this fire gem!!

TG: TIProToken

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/QegahMTeRW

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