but I do not care.

After first starting with crypto in early 2021, I was not an early investor. Although I saw some juicy gains, while also making some very newbie mistakes, I was always aware that the bull market would not go on forever. Some of my top gainers unfortunately turned to dust, looking at you LUNA. I knew that my gains would be lost at some point (Lesson for the next bull run: Take some damn profits) but I was clear on the HODL mindset and I still am (mostly). After spending too much time and too much resources in the crypto world, I took a step back and focussed on my studies. I had gathered enough moons and bought enough crypto. Although I also ran out of disposable income which also helped to curb my “addiction”.

Now, after completing my studies, I have finally started my first adult job and have some money to get back into the game. This time I hope to be investing in a bear market and therefore being earlier than most.

I think that I speak for many of us: Crypto seems to be the only way for young people to acquire some significant wealth in this world. Everything is so freaking expensive. Buying a nice apartment in my city will cost me 800.000 at least. An almost impossible dream. Even if crypto turns into failure for me, at least I had better odds than winning the lottery and tried. I am not spending my life savings here. If I lose everything my life will still be good. I guess that I am lucky to have that privilege.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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