There is new layer of population falling below poverty line and it just breaks my heart 😑 BTC can solve but it is bit too early, we are too early.

Today I was in restaurant having my dinner and saw a women outside looking at menu for long time. After looking for it for 10 mins, she finally decided to enter the restaurant sat on a seat with a torn plastic bag with clothes. She looked really a normal working person (I assumed).

She looked at the menu again and counted 5 euros note and few cents in her hands and after finding nothing in the menu, she stood up and left.

I really wanted to walk up to her and offer her to eat and I would pay but before I could do that she just was found nowhere on the street.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed it but there is whole new layer of population that have become poor in last few months. It is just astounding.

We all plebs and bitcoiners like to say that “BTC is the answer” but I have come to stark realisation that we are too early and to explain why this problem exist and why BTC is the answer, it takes a proper homework from the person itself.

It is not that easy to explain. I wish I had a magic wand to directly make them realise that “Bitcoin is the answer”, just lower your time preference, sell your expertise for BTC and things will change for you in future. For the present needs of the people we plebs can help as much as we can. Hope this message spread to everyone around is finding themselves in little better position than the people just fending for themselves.

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