What’s the next upcoming hype collection? This is the first question many of you probably get from your friends or family when talking about NFTs.

Am I right, or am I right?

Right now, there’s no performing scoring agency or any independent media which is able to capture and deliver this type of information to those of you asking for it! We all know that most people talking about NFTs probably have a biased opinion towards a collection they have. We all know you could take a look at Twitter and Instagram and see a flood of promoters across several collections, so how can you trust them?

The Decentralized Investment Club THE YOLK FRAT, which is dropping on the 18th of November, will solve that matter.

We will create the first totally independent decentralized club in which all members will receive the best information about drops and NFT markets. Here is our detailed Roadmap, you’ll understand precisely how we are going to help our exclusive members to become the most successful NFT whales and collectors:

Milestone #1: On the 18th of November, we’ll launch the Yolk Rocket into the moon and try to sell out our 9999 supply as soon as possible.

Milestone #2: After 10% of Yolks minted, we’ll offer ten lucky and early owners a free NFT from the collection.

Milestone #3: We are creating all the advisory channels to offer the best advice for the community. Of course, a discord room only for holders to link between us but also: A Youtube channel dedicated to NFT analyses A telegram group for NFT signals An online magazine to create a long post for deep analysis of NFT collection and market trends The Yolk Frat will be one of the only NFT media autonomous, independent from advertising giving genuine advice on the collections you should target.

Milestone #4: The Yolk Frat Label. After proving our legitimacy with the media content, we’ll create our own label to certify the collections we’ll analyze. The Yolk Frat label will score the drops on several criteria, both objective and qualitative:

  1. Quality of the Artwork
  2. Coherence of Supply, Mint price and crypto chosen
  3. Quality of the audience on discord and socials
  4. Credibility and ambition of roadmap
  5. Utility / Game
  6. Team of owners, dev, moderators, artists, marketers, etc.
  7. Floor price potential
  8. Marketing Strategy
  9. Community Management actions
  10. Tech used for web and minting

Milestone #5: Last but not least! We’ll launch the YOLK NFT accelerator. Among all the projects that will come to us, we’ll select one with the community using our voting system, and we’ll help him grow and sell out. This project will be the first user-generated NFT drop EVER made on-chain.

Being part of the club will let you become one of the most informed and qualified NFT investors. We all know that success comes from how you deal with the news.

The Yolk Fraternity is just here to help you manage that. All you need to know about the drop: Supply: 9999 Yolks Mint Price: 0,1 ETH The official date of launch: 18th of November

Official links:
Website: https://www.theyolkfrat.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheYolkFrat
Discord: https://discord.gg/theyolkfrat
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/TheYolkFrat

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