The Mystery of TheRoaringKitty and MoonKnightKitty on X and the memecoin

$741, was created on Pumpfun, the Dev was transferred to his 10mill wallet which he still has. after two days he registered on Raydium, and whoever bought still keeps his tokens, well as soon as it came out on Raydium started a live video of a sleeping black cat and posted a tweet saying “power to the players” and The purchases began, people said it was RK with his secondary account but the Dev did not appear anywhere, he created a TG and no one ever knew who the owner was, people started with the raids, that account blocked the people who wrote about $741 on Twitter. p while the public a few more tweets he deleted and said things like this tweet will be deleted in 1 minute or “420” and deleted them, then he made the account private and started streaming movies.

The mystery began on Telegram and no one knew who the Dev was nor had anyone started this with him, people began to consider that it was real RK and they deleted the Telegram, suddenly people started selling like crazy and the token was It collapsed, but you check the wallets and there is no connection, neither in hours nor anything about what it was the Dev who sold, who by the way has still NEVER SOLD anything.

More details, the token description on Pumpfun “for educational purposes only” is the same as the main RK account. The token is called Moon Knight Kitty and today he uploaded a photo of Dark Knight with a cat mask, the names are similar if you look for the similarity, a 5 appears on the mask which are the days that the token has been alive…

I don’t know how i caught all this so fast but the mystery is alluring and has caused a bit of attraction. Maybe more could look into it and find more out. I am blocked from the X account for simply posting the CA and asking about it so are several others. I guess be careful if you want to continue to view the X account he may block you. I mean I’ve had a bag since inception and will keep it. My guess is maybe something will happen on or around June 21st. Check it all out for yourself.

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