The Goofy Guys

Get ready to experience the fun and excitement of NFTs like never before. Our collection features a series of playful, cartoon-style characters, each with its own unique design and attributes.

We are currently in the process of developing new characters, with plans to release one new character each month, along with 100 variations of each character. Our goal is to provide our fans with a fun and engaging way to collect and trade these digital assets.

Alongside the NFT collection, we are also in development of a mobile game that will feature our Goofy Guys characters. The game will be a unique blend of classic arcade gameplay with the added fun and quirkiness of our Goofy Guys characters, each with its own special ability that will change depending on the NFT you own!

The best part? When you purchase a Goofy Guys NFT, you’re not only getting a unique and valuable digital asset, you’re also helping to fund the development of our mobile game, which is currently in alpha.

Stay tuned for updates on our website, coming soon. And don’t forget, these Goofy Guys are hidden behind a mystery door and are revealed after purchase.


The Goofy Guys – Collection | OpenSea

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