The $GOLEM raffle system – Time to reward long term holders!

The $GOLEM token is a memecoin based on Gollum from Lord of the Rings, which has been launched 1.5 months ago. Since recently the $GOLEM token has made a continuation as a CTO, since the original dev couldn’t take on the dev tasks anymore due to personal circumstances. A core team of the community has taken over the project and has been working on some new and innovative plans to revive the project to the glory it deserves.

The first thing the CTO team wants to do, is to reward our current and new holders. To do this, we came up with a raffle system in which holders can lock their tokens for rewards. We came up with the following idea:

Holders lock up 5 million $GOLEM tokens at Streamflow finance. Every 5 million tokens you lockup, accounts for 1x ticket in our raffle system, which can be repeated as many times as you want. Within this raffle system, you can win the following prizes:

· Every week 50K $GOLEM (4 winners)

· Bi-weekly 100K $GOLEM (3 winners)

· Tri-weekly 250K $GOLEM (2 winners)

· Every four weeks 1 million $GOLEM (1 winner)

Depending on the time you lockup the tokens, you can even get a bonus for these winnings. This works in the following way:

· 1-2 months = 1x winnings

· 3-5 months = 1.25x winnings, 25K $GOLEM airdrop (Guaranteed)

· 6-11 months = 1.5x winnings, 50K $GOLEM airdrop (Guaranteed)

· 12 months = 2x winnings, 100K $GOLEM airdrop (Guaranteed) + Paid vacation/meetup and “THE ONE RING” in real gold when a 100 million market cap or higher has been reached

This plan will stimulate the current and new holders to lockup their tokens, which will significantly reduce the circulating supply of the tokens. In tandem, the CTO team will also lock up part of their tokens but won’t enter the raffle system. We believe that the raffle lockups, CTO team lockup and locked marketing wallets will account for more than half of the total token supply, which will reduce the sell pressure and ultimately increase the value.

If you like the idea, please buy a bag of $GOLEM and join the raffle system, which launches on the 1st of June. You will be rewarded, because we will keep working to get this project to the market cap it deserves (>$100 million)!

If you are interested in buying $GOLEM, joining the raffle system, Joining the community, or have any questions you can find us at:


Telegram: u/GolemCoinSOL

Twitter: u/GolemCoinSOL

CA: 2QaaeLXmAKjW7iDZm3WcpfUeWAYFy1FVy6n1LRzegoeL

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