The First Moon Leviathan (1,000,000+)

Ladies and Gentleman, the race to 1,000,000 Moons is over!

Until recently the only account that has ever had 1M+ Moons was u/TheMoonDistributor, which isn't a "real" user, but rather a holding account for the mods to use for various purposes.

However last week that changed as u/SamZFury eclipsed the 1M Moon mark! An even more notable achievement since they aren't one of the Mods. (For those wondering, yes I asked permission before posting this, samzfury seems like a nice guy/gal)

The breakdown of Moon holders (among Redditors) is shown below. If you have >= 500 Moons you are in the top ~8.5%!

Moon Balances (source:

TL;DR: u/SamZFury make sure to backup your vault

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