Algorand’s first memecoin is here! 🦊

Join Akita Inu Asa, a week old, it's already spreading all over the web.

It's trending on the most important r/ of Algogrand and it just become the MOST WATCHED COIN on tinychart, the Algogrand's official charting website💥

The number of view even passed Yieldly, a beast of 137M market cap! While Akita Inu Asa only has 2M!


We all know how meme coins became mainstream in the past months. They presented great profit and increasing popularity, that is clear for anyone who had been following the market. But most of them, despite the massive blow-up, are flawed: they all are the same, there is no innovation and the concept repeat itself again and again. Lack of creativity is one of the main issues, while the second one is that too often is a rug.


Here come into play Akita Inu ASA: Is the first memecoin on Algorand!

With a fast growing community, white paper coming soon, nft drops, airdrops and community nft collaborations, it's going to be the next big thing.

There is also running Discord server where everyion can easily get in touch with devs!

More Info:

I leave here some usefull link for all those that are interested

Don't worry, on the website there is also a simple and detailed guide on how to buy Algorand's token. Many of you probably don't know how to do it… But this is usually what happens when you arrive early 😉

ASA ID# 384303832



📍Official Reddit:



Are you ready to dive into a totally new investment opportunity?

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