Tate Token.
Alphas Only.

Tate Token’s mission is to extrapolate the Tate brother’s marketing strategy that led to their phenomenal rise to fame, combine Web3 and deliver something unseen in Crypto before now.

• Utilize the Tate social media relevance and presence to market Tate Token and Crypto Academy with our Post-to-Earn protocol.

• This could be done by anyone who is looking to get paid to do so via this revolutionary affiliate marketing scheme also used by the Tates.

• Affiliate marketers would use social media to promote Tate Token in exchange for allocations of $TOPG which further incentivize marketing.

• Affiliate marketers would receive allocations based on the statistics of their social media platform.

• TikTok; likes, views, followers. Instagram Reels; likes, views. Twitter; likes, retweets.

• This data would all be accounted for on the Crypto Academy UI to calculate a payout that can also be claimed via the Crypto Academy Portal.

• Revenues will all be distributed to Crypto Academy Members.

• Revenues will also be used for out-of-affiliate marketing and investment into Crypto Academy UI and completion of roadmap objectives for Crypto Academy courses.

Tate Token $TOPG is a BEP20 token on BSC.
Tate Token $TOPG is the latest and most relevant token on the Binance Smart Chain Network with a check-mate

TG: http://t.me/tatetokenbsc
WEBSITE: http://tatetoken.net/

TAXES: —————————— BUY – 7% | SELL – 7% ——— 3% – Liquidity (Non-Swapped, Only Tokens) 3% – Marketing 1% – Token Tax

Token Allocation: —————————— 59% – Liquidity + Presale 5% – Private Sale (Locked 1 Month) 5% – CEX (Vested 2 Months) 8% – (Vested 8 Months) 10% – Rewards/Competitoins (Vested 10 Months) 5% – Team (Vested 1 Year) 5% – Partnerships (Vested 5 Months)

“SAFU” CONTRACT: —————————— Contract has been developed as per SAFU requrements found on Pinksale’s documentation found here: https://docs.pinksale.finance/important/safu-contract

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