Argentine Soccer Association AFA Partners With Upland to Enter the Metaverse

The Argentine Soccer Association, AFA, has partnered with Upland, a virtual world platform, to introduce its fans to the metaverse. Upland will allow Argentine fans to have a bigger connection with AFA history, presenting the opportunity to acquire digital representations of several properties of the league, including clubs, games, historical moments, and even tickets. Argentine […]

FIFA Unveils Range of New Web 3․0 Games Ahead of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

PRESS RELEASE. FIFA has unveiled a portfolio of new future-focussed web 3.0 games to entertain and engage a wider group of fans ahead of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Gaming and esports are some of the fastest-growing opportunities for FIFA as it continues to expand into new digital spaces, platforms and games that are already […]

Upland Sustains Mass Market Readiness With All-Inclusive Economy

Upland is a mobile-first blockchain metaverse that allows users to buy virtual properties based on real world addresses, build on those properties to increase their value, and sell them to increase their virtual real estate portfolio. Upland has the unique position to attract mass markets due to the fact that the economy is built to […]