Italy Wants to Tax Crypto Gains at 26% From 2023

The new government of Italy plans to impose a 26% tax on capital gains from crypto trading, according to the draft budget for next year. The center-right coalition in power is also preparing to oblige Italians to declare their digital assets and pay 14% on their holdings. Government in Italy Intends to Tap Into Cryptocurrency […]

New Council at Ukraine’s Securities Watchdog to Draft Crypto Taxation Regulations

A special council under Ukraine’s securities regulator will be tasked to develop rules for crypto taxation in the country. The new body will be also responsible for coordinating the regulation of various crypto activities and adjustments to the applicable legislation. Advisory Board to Take On Matters Related to Cryptocurrency Taxation in Ukraine The National Securities […]

Brussels Set to Begin Talks on EU Crypto Tax, Report Reveals

The European Commission is preparing to discuss with member states the adoption of a common tax regime for crypto assets, European officials have indicated. The talks with national treasuries are expected to start next year with the aim to end the differentiated tax treatment of cryptocurrencies across the bloc’s 27 jurisdictions. European Union to Consider […]

Bank of Russia Suggests Tax Cuts for Long-Term Digital Asset Holders

The Central Bank of Russia is proposing to introduce tax incentives for long-term holders of digital financial assets. The idea has been circulated with a consultation paper published for public discussions on the development of the digital asset market in the Russian Federation. Bank of Russia Talks Regulation in New Report Devoted to Digital Assets […]

IRS Updates Crypto-Related Instructions for 2022 Tax Filing

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has updated the crypto section in the 2022 draft instructions for tax form 1040. “For example, digital assets include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual currencies, such as cryptocurrencies and stablecoins,” the tax agency detailed. New IRS Instructions for Tax Form 1040 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its 2022 draft […]

Brazilian City of Curitiba Mulls Crypto Acceptance for Tax Payments

The city of Curitiba, in Brazil, is now studying the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency payments for taxes. Noemia Rocha, a city councilor for Curitiba, presented this project to the executive to study the method by which the municipality could accept cryptocurrencies for these payments using third-party payment processors. Curitiba Might Accept Crypto for Paying Taxes […]