South African Government to Add Crypto Entities to ‘List of Accountable Institutions’

According to the South African government, crypto entities — or businesses whose activities include the exchange or transfer of crypto assets — are set to be included in the list of so-called accountable institutions starting Dec. 19. Businesses that convert one crypto asset to another or that conduct transactions where a crypto asset is transferred […]

IMF Blog: Better Regulation of Africa’s Growing Crypto Market Urgently Needed

A well-regulated African cryptocurrency market is needed in order to protect users as well as help countries stop bad actors from using digital assets to circumvent capital controls, the latest post on the IMF blog has said. The blog post reiterated the IMF’s belief that risks to a country are “much greater if crypto is […]

Lebanese Mint, Keep, Spend Crypto Amid Crisis, Report Unveils

Living in the chaos of a deep crisis, people in Lebanon have been turning to cryptocurrency, a new media report has confirmed. From earning much needed income through mining and work, to storing wealth and paying in stores, bitcoin, tether and other cryptos have started to push aside the hyperinflated Lebanese pound and the hard-to-get-hold-of […]

Cryptocurrency as Money — Store of Value or Medium of Exchange?

**The following article was written by Kristoffer Mousten Hansen and Karras Lambert and published on September 28, 2022. Cryptocurrency as Money — Store of Value or Medium of Exchange? was originally published on The opinions expressed in this article are the authors’ own. is not responsible for or liable for any opinions, content, […]