Why MoonPay?

Hi all I’ve noticed that OpenSea supports credit card payments through MoonPay. Does anyone know why they don’t support PayPal instead? Does PayPal not allow crypto related transactions? submitted by /u/andymcd_ [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Weekly Shill/Self Promo Art MegaThread!

Welcome to our Weekly Shill/Self Promo MegaThread! This is your opportunity to highlight your work, show off your OpenSea collections, and share your creative endeavors. Whether you’re an artist or collector, we want to see what you’ve been up to! Here’s how it works: Self Promo Allowed: This thread is dedicated to self-promotion. Feel free […]

trying to mint the based summer poster

whenever i try to mint it fails for some reason, is there any way to fix this submitted by /u/ReapersYTIsHere [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

I can not transfer from/to Opensea or Buy

What am I doing wrong. Opensea just hangs when trying to transfer to my Reddit Vault address and reddit reject me trying to transfer to Opensea I can see my Avatars on RCAX if I search for a minted Avatar I own, I It shows me all what is in my vault. I have enough […]

Help determining if this is legit

Guys, I can’t figure out if this is legit or not. I’m not willing to put the address into my browser and go to it. However, I don’t want to lose any free items if I were to actually win one somehow. this is obviously a scam correct? It does look very good though. They […]