Is it now safe to stake Ethereum?

Few years ago i was told not to stake Ethereum on Kraken exchanges because of awaiting Ethereum fork….. Is it now safe to stake? submitted by /u/ValentinaCrypto [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

What happens if Ethereum is classified as a security.

I personally am a fan of Ethereum as my second largest holding. The biggest issue around now is that it is being rumored to be classified as a security by the SEC. Arguing aside, if Ethereum is officially classified as a security what would happen short and long term?? What are the bigger implications of […]

Strange Eth transactions are being send to Binance and Tether right now. Whats going on?

Ethereum gas fees have skyrocketed for the second time today. ( Currently still way over 100 gwei. A large majority of the transactions are currently being send to a account called Binance 14. The strange thing is that all those transactions are somewhat small, yet often exactly the same amout ( 0.484599504 Ether Ether for […]

Gateway for web3:// EVM access protocol defined in ERC-4804

After extensive discussion with Ethereum community members, we have almost finalized the web3:// access protocol for EVM defined in ERC-4804. To allow more developers and builders to use web3://, we have launched the gateways (multi-chain) and (mainnet) to support web3://. The following lists a couple of more detailed information: – web3:// standard in […]

Betahaus Aragon Research Team Hosting Event in Berlin

Join us at the Betahaus in Berlin for an interactive discussion about Cryptography, Blockchain, and DAOs hosted by Aragon, the leading platform for building your DAO. Come connect with the growing web3 community at the Betahaus and spread the word about this event! Did we mention FREE pizza, drinks, and swag? Event structure 18:30 — […]

Issue sending ETH

I’m trying to convert my ETH to stellar. my friend says it’s going to blow up. I sent my ETH to the stellar address on withdraw on coinbase but my transaction never completed. submitted by /u/d_majora [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Advice Please

Hi guys, Im 15 and creating a decentralised healthcare platform as a science project for school. Its relatively large for something that I’m building by myself in a span of 2 months. One thing that I have noticed is that when I write data to my smart contracts, there is usually a minute wait between […]