Scammers having a bad day

I got one too many “rectification” scammers trying to chat with me after I posted something on a crypto sub. I’m a semi-retired software engineer with lots of skills and contacts at various hosting providers. I decided to use those skills to DDOS the scam sites and contacts to get them taken offline entirely. So […]

Validator Node to best empower the network?

When running a validator node, there are a few major decisions to make: cloud based or hardware, client type, location etc… I am curious to hear from the community: if you were going to launch a node with not much worry about difficulty and so on, and you specifically just wanted it to empower the […]

Any Solidity Dev here? I need help.

If a Proxy is created via a factory (ERC1967Factory) to be more exact, what should I focus on/explore to see if there is a way to upgrade the implementation in an unintended manner via the factory? ​ If you know of any resources, that would also be helpful. submitted by /u/dserrano10 [link] [comments]This post was […]

Gas Fees: Ethereum’s Ultimate Defense – A Simple Explanation

Introduction Validators execute transactions in a block, and compute the resulting changes to the network. Transactions in blocks have fees associated with them, called gas fees, that serve as a defense mechanism protecting blockchains from attack. ​ The Halting Problem Let’s start with an old computer science problem solved by Alan Turing himself; The […]

New Easter nft project on eth!

We are making Nft project for easter , its called eastereggznft on twitter . Its build on Ethereum network . 2023 pieces and low mint prices , for more info check twitter submitted by /u/AbrahamGarnerHY [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Formula to find divergence loss in Uniswap

Can I trust this article? Is this the right way to derive the formula? I have an interview at a web-3 startup. Divergence loss formula submitted by /u/AndrewMiflin [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site