Looking for a few people for a project!

Hello everyone! I’m a marketing student at the university whose is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency. I am looking for a couple of people that are into crypto, and blockchain and are able to copy-write (or keen to learn) to start a blog together. I want to start this to put in use my digital […]

2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Football Fan Tokens

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets underway, Qatar’s FIFA World Cup stadium precincts are giving a legacy for the host country. Since the country won the bid to host the much-awaited Mega event which have just kicked off recently– an integral part of the Host Country’s plan was to create pleasant community hubs/amenities around […]

First FIFA World Cup Token you don’t want to miss out of

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is here and it’s happening in Qatar With the world cup matches in play, I’ve seen crypto being in the forefeont with a lot of fan token doing well from POR to ARG to CHZ and the likes I’ve got my eyes on the world cup’s main token (FWC). With […]

$KASPA Price is Up who noticed?

Kaspa’s ability to support large block rates while maintaining the level of security offered by other PoW environments sets it apart from other crypto initiatives. The protocol can currently handle one block per second, but its creators want to eventually reach 10 or even 100 blocks per second. Price keeps rising to a Record Peak. […]

Black Friday Crypto

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