Need advice for how to use tokens in a web-project

I am working on a webbased application that will use web3 wallet as “login” and some tokens as rewards when the user have reached different levels and done tasks on the webpage. No, this is not another “do 40 min survey get $0.0001 in BTC”-page. I have sorted out that I will use BSC or […]

BUSD as BEP2 – how to liquidate

So I have 1k BUSD in BEP2 format on Trust wallet. Cannot find any way to liquidate or exchange. Pls help me with a solution. submitted by /u/Lower_Blackberry_574 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

BSC Smart Contract – Absurdly High Transaction Fees

Hi everyone I’ve published the following smart contract for a custom token I’ve created It does seem like it will allow me to buy tokens using the contract, however the estimated transaction fee is $92 worth of BNB, which seems not feasible and way too high Does anyone know what could be causing this? […]

BNB smart chain staking

Hello, how long does it take to see rewards and earnings? i moved bnb from beacon to smart chain15 days ago and staked it on the new smart chain but i am not see any staking returns. thank you submitted by /u/goodyeti [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

I was having trouble with migration, this is what I did, hope it helps!

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experience migrating from the Binance Beacon Chain to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), especially for those who might be fully staked and struggling with the fees. Background: I’m currently in a region where is not available, so I had to find an alternative way to get the […]

Guys, I can’t migrate from BEP2 and I think I’ve lost my 2ETH

I don’t have enough BNB on BEP2 for the fee so my money is locked. I have 0,42, and I need 3 dollars for the fee. If someone could please help me out and send it to my address, I’d gladly send at least double the amount back in USDT or BNB on BEP20. Can […]

Can anyone help another brotha out?

I’m in the same boat as TS here: Trying to get my BEP2 coins from the BNB Beacon Chain transferred to the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), but I don’t have enough BNB left on the BNB Beacon chain to pay the transaction fee. I only need another 0.002 BNB to get my coins to […]

I sent some spam coins to a burn address. Bad idea?

I had tens of thousands worth of these coins in my wallet and it kept annoying me since it would show a much higher balance than what I actually had. I know most of these coins want you to go to another website and connect your wallet, so I figured it was safe to just […]

How to buy BNB in the UK 2024?

I’m struggling to figure out the best way to obtain BNB in the UK. Used to use Moonpay via Trustwallet, and they no longer accept UK purchases. Seems that way for other providers. Looking for some assistance. I’ve had a decent Google around but haven’t got far, I just want to obtain a small amount […]