Withdrawal from ndax to metamask through BSC HELP

Recently i withdrawal from Ndax to metamask through BSC because of the lower fees. But i didnt think to realize that i did not have a BSC address. How can i retrieve my funds. I will attach the BSCscan link that ndax sent me via email. https://bscscan.com/tx/0xa20066a123d9d7324e384a7fcd669448d0e855fa4d2bd5fa3cfd83c3b028bb45 submitted by /u/Valuable-Internet-15 [link] [comments]This […]

Buidling on the BSC, alchemy/infura alternative?

Hi!!!!! I want to build a dApp on the BSC but it doens't seem alchemy/infura support it? Is there an alternative for an easy setup like those? I've checked Moralis but there NPM seems a bit strange so i'm not sure as to the stability of the platform. submitted by /u/Bk0211 [link] […]

Be aware of “front run bots” scams

It's kind of embarrassing that I fell for a scam that has been running around for more than a month. Basically I saw a video on YouTube claiming we can build a bot and does auto trading on panckakeswap. I quickly looked at the code and did not see anything suspicious. So I decided to […]

Luna Rush deep dive review

Hey all, just made a review of the hyped game Luna Rush and the LUS token. Their NFT sale sold out in 15 sec, and the game is coming out soon! take a look thanks. https://youtu.be/pZuNH_JgL94 submitted by /u/eric2382002 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site


Hi, I would like to transfer BNB in TrustWallet to real BTC (not BTCB) and keep in wallet. What is the cheapest way? I want to avoid BTC withdrawl fees from exhanges. submitted by /u/wdtu [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Compilation of useful crypto telegrams

Just sharing a list of telegram channels that I personally use. Thought it would be useful for all, but especially those just getting in to crypto. Feel free to add on Call channels: @ CryptoWorldTina (Trading signals, general crypto news, good returns and accuracy but specific to traders) @ SwyptoCalls (Thoroughly checked hand picked projects, […]

What are the best Yield Farming Opportunities? (Week 3) 🌾 🤑

Stable Coins (USDC, USDT, BUSD, etc.) https://coindix.com/?ref=reddit&sort=-apy&chain=bsc&kind=stable Pool Protocol APY FRAX-BUSD Beefy 25.38% DAI-BUSD Autofarm 21.13% TUSD-BUSD ACryptoS 20.90% Binance Coin (BNB) https://coindix.com/?ref=reddit&sort=-apy&chain=bsc&kind=noimploss&name=BNB Pool Protocol APY BNB ACryptoS 38.90% BNB Cream 36.37% BNB Venus 33.25% CAKE https://coindix.com/?ref=reddit&sort=-apy&chain=bsc&kind=noimploss&name=CAKE Pool Protocol APY CAKE Alpaca 165.83% CAKE Autofarm 123.92% CAKE Beefy 65.03% Bitcoin (BTC, BTCB, renBTC, etc.) https://coindix.com/?ref=reddit&sort=-apy&chain=bsc&kind=noimploss&name=BTC […]