Usdt on metamask

Hi! I have transferred usdt to my metamask, tried first a small amount and i have received it. Then, I have transferred the remaining amount but I can’t see usdt balance on MM. i check on bscscan and transaction is complete. Is it something wrong on bsc network? submitted by /u/ilovehomeoffice [link] [comments]This post was […]

is it possible to recover usdt sent to binance bep20 token smart contract

i wrong sent usdt to a newly launched token contract address instead of sending it to my own metamask. is it possible for developers to recover the usdt and send them to my metamask? ive been in crypto for 5 years and this is the biggest mistake. i was in so hurry to withdraw. please […]

High Gas Fee on Token – How best to burn???

Hello All – I received a scam token that I wanted to burn by sending to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD. However, the gas fees are coming back at nearly .36 BNB ($118 as of today’s pricing). Any ideas on how to get rid of this token for less cost? I know I could ignore it or “hide” it […]


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WBTC autoconverts?

I escaped the MIDAS fiasco, but they converted my BTC to WBTC. I sent it to NEWTON since time was of the essence before MIDAS shut down access. NEWTON, however, has all WBTC trading frozen, so I then I registered with and sent it to BINANCE. Being new at BINANCE, I’m a bit puzzled: It […]