Binance to the moon

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Yield farms for small projects?

BNB chain is known as the DeFi and GameFi chain and it’s where I do a lot of my yield farming but I think its missing something. Smaller projects like 0xMR or DRC need farms to help grow their liquidity but they don’t have lots of funds for listing fees. Some farms, like Swapr on […]

Delete if not Allowed. Any help is appreciated <3

Hi All, I just started a new Twitter account to post every single day till I get noticed by Binance themselves for a job offer or even so an Interview. A retweet on my first post would mean a lot! I’ve been applying through Binance for over 8 Months now and getting no response as […]

BUSD to BNB Mistake

Hi, while using Ledger Live I accidentally/foolishly sent some BUSD to a BNB address. The address I sent it to is the one that is listed in my Account section under Recent Operations as Fees. Do I have any recourse? Thank you. submitted by /u/Zercado [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

A new BSC-compatible wallet is in private beta. Testers are needed.

Greetings! We have developed a new wallet vigvam.appthat should be the most convenient application for Web3.0 services. Currently, we are conducting private beta testing and inviting the BSC community members to join our testing. All active participants will be rewarded with Vigvam NFT PRO, which unlocks access to the premium wallet features. All work will […]

Zenland: Blockchain Escrow Service on Binance Smart Chain

Hi there! My team and I have just launched Zenland, a smart contract platform that solves real-life problems using smart contract technology. Simple and trustless smart contract escrow service is our first step to fulfill our mission. I believe it has the potential to restore our trust for safe peer-to-peer deals but let's see how […]

Crypto Hunter on Twitter

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Interactive visual explorer for bsc?

Hi guys, I know for btc blockchain and am looking for something exactly like that for bsc. I am unable to find any interactibve visual explorer for bsc so far.Please help as I need this urgently.Thankyou submitted by /u/CarlynHigdon [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site