The Atbash Protocol will soon be offering you the opportunity to buy property at 50% off

The BASH token will allow the Atbash Protocol to provide assistance for the purchase of properties, supplies, business start-up capital and property improvement all while still providing a substantial APY for investors & liquidity providers alike. The Atbash Protocol will provide a means for people to engage in transactions that meet their real-world needs like […]

Quantum-resistant blockchain in the Manufacturing Sector

Learn about blockchain use cases in the manufacturing sector and why building quantum-proof blockchain solutions is essential. submitted by /u/recuzasedg [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

OasisLabs Partnership with Meta

HUGE NEWS – Blockchains are transforming the way we understand verification. BTC first provided a way to verify transactions. ETH then provided a way to verify computation for dapps. Today Oasis in partnership with Meta are doing the same to enable verification of AI models. LINk: submitted by /u/Ladybitecoin [link] [comments]This post was […]

Pleasureland adult metaverse experience | Coin Telegraph article published today on Pleasurecoin [N$FW] | Enter the Pinktower, their 1st metaverse asset, with the link below | Pleasurecoin fueling an adult ecosystem, taking over the WEB3 space | Like buying SAND or MANA at ground levels!

Coin Telegraph article: Using your PC, please visit to sneak a peek at what our Pink Tower has to offer! Bloody bear markets are when real projects keep building. Buying Into these amazing Real-World industry ecosystems early is key to massive gains. Pleasure Coin is the utility token of Pleasure Network’s Web3 Ecosystem. […]

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Johann Polecsak is speaking on 👉How to Onboard 20 Million Developers to the Blockchain Ecosystem in 7 days submitted by /u/recuzasedg [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site