Reef Labs

Reef Labs est un grand pas en avant vers la croissance à long terme de l’écosystème Reef, dans notre quête de rendre Web3 accessible au prochain milliard d’utilisateurs. Reef Labs s’engage à créer des applications, des outils et des services sur Reef Chain qui apporteront de la valeur aux utilisateurs de Reef et stimuleront l’utilité […]

Curious to know: How often do you check crypto prices?

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Utopia P2P – An Ecosystem That Provides Free Access to a Wide Range of Decentralized Privacy Tools, Services, and Cryptocurrency | Listed on CMC and CG

Before creating Bitcoin, Satoshi identified several significant flaws in fiat money, which some altcoins in the cryptocurrency market use as their operating principle. Since no other cryptocurrency compares to Bitcoin in terms of consensus, decentralization, censorship resistance, etc., Satoshi had the vision of a decentralized cryptocurrency that is censorship-resistant and not governed in the same […]

Spring portfolio hunt for the real bull run

We all already have plans for what we want to have in our bags for the next bull. Some tokens have already been accumulated… others will be purchased after a market correction. However, we always leave room for a few gems in our bags (at least I do). I want to share some projects that […]


Reef Moda Au cours des dernières années, la communauté Reef a dû essayer de rendre visite à l’équipe lors d’un événement en personne pour réclamer certains objets de swag. Depuis ETH Denver de 2022, la communauté Reef a demandé à l’équipe Reef de lancer une boutique officielle où ils pourraient acheter leur propre swag Reef. […]

Encrypted messages on the blockchain

Does anyone send encrypted messages with their crypto payments? SmileyCoin has this feature where you can send encrypted coupon codes to whoever buys a coupon. Anyone seen this elsewhere? submitted by /u/TearElectrical2884 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site