Bank of Russia to Start Testing Digital Ruble With Real Users on April 1

The Central Bank of Russia plans to launch test operations with digital ruble transactions between real customers at the beginning of April. More than a dozen banks will join the upcoming stage of the pilot project, a high-ranking representative of the bank announced to Russian media. Russia’s Monetary Authority to Trial Actual Settlements With Digital […]

Ukraine Speeds Up Digital Hryvnia Project, Plans Pilot for This Year

Ukrainian authorities are speeding up the development of the electronic hryvnia, a high-ranking government official indicated. The executive power in Kyiv is now in talks with the central bank and businesses involved in the project to pilot the digital currency as early as this year. Minister Says Ukraine Aims to Launch Digital Hryvnia Sooner Than […]

Banks in Russia to Lose $700 Million a Year Due to Digital Ruble, Experts Say

Russian banks may be the main losers from the introduction of a digital ruble while retailers will save on acquiring fees, analysts have predicted. The benefits for consumers using the new digital currency are not that obvious as they may not be paid any interest or cashback. Launch of Russia’s Digital Ruble Said to Result […]

Eurozone Finance Ministers Pledge Support for Digital Euro Project, Talk Privacy

The ministers of finance of the countries in the eurozone reaffirmed their support for efforts to prepare for the potential launch of a digital euro. Meanwhile, the single currency area’s monetary authority sought to reassure future users that the new currency will be “preserving privacy by default and by design.” Eurogroup to Remain Involved in […]

Georgia Prepares to Launch Digital Lari Pilot in First Half of 2023

The central bank of Georgia intends to publish a document detailing the concept of a national digital currency in the coming months. Other participating parties will use it to finalize their proposals for the pilot which the monetary authority plans to initiate in the first half of the year. Financial Authorities in Georgia Gear Up […]

ECB to Decide Whether to Issue Digital Euro in 2023

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a new report on the progress of its investigation into the possible launch of a digital euro. The research will continue next year with the regulator planning to make a decision whether to proceed to the realization of the project in the fall of 2023. ECB to Develop […]

National Bank of Ukraine Unveils E-hryvnia Concept

The central bank of Ukraine has presented to interested parties a draft concept of the nation’s future digital currency, the e-hryvnia. The regulator is currently considering several potential applications for its digital coin, including retail payments and cross-border settlements. Ukraine’s Monetary Authority Introduces Banks and Businesses to E-hryvnia Project The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) […]

Bank of Thailand Needs More Time to Complete and Launch Retail Digital Currency

The central bank of Thailand is not going to rush with the launch of its digital currency as it’s not yet sure about the benefits it would bring. According to the head of the monetary authority, the development of the state-issued coin may take several years. Thailand’s Central Bank Wants to Better Understand Risks of […]