Swingby Partners With Chainlink To Secure Bitcoin Bridge

PRESS RELEASE. Swingby has recently announced a newly established partnership with Chainlink for Proof of Reserve. The recently publicized partnership is aimed to help secure the Swingby Skybridge which connects the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling the introduction of BTC into the Ethereum network. Swingby Develops A More Advanced And Secure BTC Bridge Swingby is a BTC […]

WAHED Projects Donates 5 Million WAHED Coins to Fund Autism Research and Therapy

Cranfield, England, 3rd December, 2022, Chainwire Investment and philanthropy platform WAHED has donated 5 million of its utility token WAHED Coin to Fondazione Europea Alessandro Cenci (FEAC) at a private event in Rome. FEAC is an Italian non-profit organization focused on awareness, education and research to improve the care given to children and adolescents on […]

Inside LBank’s Exquisite Afterparty at DCENTRAL Miami

PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Dec 2nd, 2022 – LBank, a global crypto exchange, hosted an ‘LBank & Crypto Friends’ afterparty alongside the Web3 conference DCENTRAL Miami. LBank was proud to host more than 200 guests from all layers of the industry. This was LBank’s second event in Miami after exhibiting at the Bitcoin 2022 […]

MEXC’s Changing for You | The 1st Exchange to Launch a Zero Maker Fee Event for Futures Orders

PRESS RELEASE. In September of this year, blockchain media outlet, Cointelegraph, reported that cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC has ranked as the world’s top liquidity provider. Recently, MEXC announced the growth of its contract business, and its average daily trading volume has reached an increase of 1,200%. 「Users first, MEXC’s Changing for you」has always been the […]

Data Lake Secures First Blockchain-Based Consents for Medical Data

PRESS RELEASE. December 2th, Warsaw – Poland: Data Lake has collected the first consents on the blockchain for patients’ medical data to be used by researchers. The company is an EU-funded startup that is seeking to solve two of the biggest problems in medical science: access to medical data, and bias in datasets. In much […]

Web3 Antivirus Is Now on Guard of Your Digital Assets

PRESS RELEASE. A game-changing Web3 security solution was launched on December 1, 2022. As the digital world is getting more advanced, scammers invent new elaborate ways to cheat web3 users and steal their assets. Smart contracts forgery, phishing websites, airdrop scams, and spamming are just a few of the dangers one faces when browsing the […]

Football Fever Is Infecting DeFi Project With Excitement

PRESS RELEASE. Doha, Qatar: For the next couple of weeks, over a billion people are glued to the TV every day watching players of their favorite team working brilliantly together to win the ultimate prize. What’s really different this time around is how much crypto plays a role in football, with team fan tokens and […]

Bitcoin․com Announces Strategic Partnership with Poly Network

Join the Verse public token sale now and purchase VERSE tokens using BTC, BCH, ETH and USDT/USDC. Sale closes Dec 1 at 0:00 UTC. Bitcoin.com, a digital ecosystem that offers secure self-custody solutions for users to easily interact with cryptocurrencies, has formed a mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Poly Network to support Bitcoin.com’s Verse ecosystem. […]

Minimax․Finance Announces the Integration of VERSE DEX

PRESS RELEASE. Minimax.Finance integrated the recently launched VERSE DEX to provide the Minimax community with more options for cost-effective swaps on Ethereum network. VERSE pools are also available at the platform. The Minimax team has integrated VERSE DEX into Minimax’s swap section; now Minimax users can enjoy all the DEX benefits, including security and the […]

PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022 Announced With $10K in Prizes

Singapore, Singapore, 27th November, 2022, Chainwire PlayToEarn.net has announced the Blockchain Game Awards 2022 with $10,000 in prizes for content creators. The public is invited to vote for this year’s best blockchain games. The flagship industry awards recognize the best gaming companies and brands as well as acknowledging outstanding content creators. The winners are determined […]