Biden Exits 2024 Election, Polymarket Predicts Kamala Harris as Leading Democratic Nominee

Following the announcement that President Joe Biden will withdraw from the 2024 election, the prediction market Polymarket now indicates an 81% probability that Vice President Kamala Harris will be the Democratic nominee at the upcoming national convention. Polymarket Shows Kamala Harris as Democratic Favorite On Sunday afternoon, President Biden declared he would not seek re-election […]

TON Foundation to Launch Bitcoin Bridge on The Open Network

The TON Foundation has announced the upcoming launch of TON Teleport BTC, a bridge designed to facilitate trustless and secure transfers of bitcoin to and from The Open Network (TON). This initiative aims to expand bitcoin’s utility by enabling its use in decentralized finance (defi) activities on the TON platform. TON Foundation Announces Bitcoin Bridge […]

Maelstrom Launches Bitcoin Grant Program Aiming to Support Developers

The Arthur Hayes-linked Bitcoin-supporting entity Maelstorm has launched a grant program to assist with the technical development of Bitcoin. Developers who wish to receive grants—ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 each—must submit applications on or before August 25. Enhancing Bitcoin’s Resilience and Censorship Resistance Maelstorm, an entity focused on Bitcoin’s technical development, has launched a Bitcoin […]

Billionaire Mark Cuban Connects Silicon Valley’s Trump Support to Bitcoin

On Wednesday, billionaire investor Mark Cuban shared on X about Silicon Valley’s growing backing for former President Trump, labeling it a “bitcoin play.” He argued that reduced tax rates and tariffs are likely to boost bitcoin prices. Mark Cuban Calls Silicon Valley’s Support for Trump a ‘Bitcoin Play’ Mark Cuban took to X to address […]

Grayscale Launches Decentralized Crypto AI Fund for Accredited Investors

Grayscale Investments has announced the launch of the Grayscale Decentralized AI Fund, aimed at providing exposure to blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) protocols. The fund, available to accredited investors, includes a basket of decentralized AI crypto protocols, rebalanced quarterly. Grayscale Introduces a Crypto AI Exchange-Traded Product The Grayscale Decentralized AI Fund is designed to offer accredited […]

Bitso Integrates Lightspark for Bitcoin Lightning Network

Bitso, a leading Latin American cryptocurrency platform, has announced its partnership with Lightspark to incorporate the Bitcoin Lightning Network into its services. This integration aims to enhance the speed and affordability of bitcoin transactions for Bitso’s users. Bitso Adds Lightning Support via Lightspark The integration of Lightspark Connect will allow Bitso‘s 8 million retail customers […]