Bitcoin Supercycle May Be Happening, Says Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone

Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone has explained that a supercycle may be happening in bitcoin, noting that the cryptocurrency is beating gold by almost 10 times so far this year. The strategist added that if past trends hold, bitcoin’s volatility is more likely to recover compared to commodities when the crypto “heads toward […]

Commodity Analyst Mike McGlone Suggests ‘Bitcoin Appears Poised to Resume Its Inclination to Outperform’

Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity analyst, Mike McGlone, believes a “warm spell” is coming in terms of bitcoin markets as the market strategist detailed on Monday that “bitcoin appears poised to resume its inclination to outperform.” McGlone’s comments follow his previous prediction that noted bitcoin and ethereum appear to have “completed the bulk of their drawdown.” […]

Investment Strategist Discusses Bitcoin ‘Entering Unstoppable Maturation Stage’ — Says Price Should Continue to Rise

Bloomberg Intelligence’s senior commodity strategist says bitcoin “may be entering an inexorable phase of its migration into the mainstream.” In addition, the cryptocurrency may also “be entering unstoppable maturation stage,” the strategist added, expecting the price of bitcoin to continue to rise over time. Bitcoin’s ‘Unstoppable Maturation Stage’ Bloomberg Intelligence’s senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone […]