Brussels to Put Out Digital Euro Law Shortly, ECB’s Lagarde Says

The European Commission is going to present a legislative proposal for a digital euro in the near future, President of European Central Bank Christine Lagarde has indicated. EU legislators are expected to define the new currency’s legal tender status and determine its privacy features. EU Commission to Propose Legislation for Eurozone’s Digital Currency Authorities in […]

New Mining Bill Permitting Cross-Border Crypto Payments Filed in Russian Parliament

A draft law designed to regulate the mining of digital coins in Russia is also legalizing the use of cryptocurrencies in international settlements. It has been submitted to the Russian parliament after the rejection of an earlier bill which was aiming to allow domestic crypto payments as well. Draft Legislation on Crypto Mining Allows Russian […]

Brussels to Spur Rollout of Instant Payments in Euro, Proposes Legislation

The European Commission has approved a proposal to accelerate the introduction of euro instant payments. The technology is there and Europeans should be able to send and receive money immediately, the executive body said, revealing its intentions to push the industry toward wide adoption. EU Moves to Make Instant Payments Widely Available Throughout Europe A […]