Nigerian Banks Resume Dispensing Recently Demonetized Naira Banknotes

According to local reports, Nigerian financial institutions have begun abiding by a Supreme Court ruling that invalidated the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s demonetization of the 1,000, 500 and 100-naira banknotes. According to the court, Nigerian residents will continue to use the demonetized banknotes until the end of the year. Court Criticizes Outgoing Nigerian President […]

Arizona Senator Launches Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

A senator in the U.S. state of Arizona has introduced a set of cryptocurrency bills, one of which seeks to make bitcoin legal tender. “Centralized digital money controlled by the central bankers is slavery. Decentralized bitcoin is freedom,” the lawmaker said. Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has […]

Mexican CBDC Unlikely to Be Ready by 2024

The Mexican central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital peso, is unlikely to be ready by 2024, as was announced back in 2021 by the Mexican government. In a statement, representatives from Banxico, the central bank of Mexico, stated the development of the currency was still in its initial stages, and there is still no […]

Reviewing El Salvador’s Bukele Predictions for 2022: What Went Wrong?

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador and die-hard Bitcoin enthusiast, formulated a series of predictions about the behavior of bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem for the past year. These included the top price of bitcoin, the influence of the cryptocurrency on U.S. elections, the issuance of the volcano bonds, and also the construction of Bitcoin […]

Recent Poll Shows Citizens of El Salvador Still Not Sold on Bitcoin

A recent poll completed by the Public Opinion University Institute, part of the Simeon Canas Centroamerican University, has found that El Salvador is still not attracted by the idea of bitcoin as legal tender. The poll results indicate that almost two-thirds of the population has a negative impression of bitcoin, with only a quarter of […]

Report: Macau Discusses Bill That Proposes to Make Digital Currencies Legal Tender

Macau, one of China’s special administrative regions, recently concluded discussing a bill that seeks to make digital currencies legal tender, a report has said. The report also suggested that individuals who reject or refuse to accept legal tender will be fined between $123 and $1,230. Improving Macau’s Legal System An executive council of Macau, an […]