Kazakhstan Parliament Adopts Law Regulating Crypto Mining and Exchange

Lawmakers in Nur-Sultan have approved the final version of the law “On Digital Assets in the Republic of Kazakhstan.” The new legislation, including several other bills, regulates the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country and introduces a licensing regime for crypto miners and exchanges. Senate Votes on Crypto Law, Sends It to President of Kazakhstan […]

NYDFS Releases Guidance on Importance of Segregation and Separate Accounting for Customer Funds in Crypto Industry

On Monday, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) published guidance on custodial structures to help protect customers’ money if a crypto firm goes bankrupt. New York’s top financial regulator stressed that businesses should not commingle customer funds and that customer funds should be segregated with separate accounting. FTX Collapse Prompts NYDFS to Issue […]

Brussels to Put Out Digital Euro Law Shortly, ECB’s Lagarde Says

The European Commission is going to present a legislative proposal for a digital euro in the near future, President of European Central Bank Christine Lagarde has indicated. EU legislators are expected to define the new currency’s legal tender status and determine its privacy features. EU Commission to Propose Legislation for Eurozone’s Digital Currency Authorities in […]

Top Russian Lawmaker Joins Calls for Legalizing International Crypto Payments

A high-ranking member of the Russian parliament has urged for the adoption of a relevant legal framework to properly regulate cross-border crypto payments. His proposal comes after key regulators in Moscow said that Russia needs to allow the use of cryptocurrencies in foreign trade, now that it’s having to deal with serious financial restrictions. Financial […]

Georgia to Update Crypto Regulations to Incorporate EU Rules, Legalize Industry

The government of Georgia has approved amendments to the legal framework for the Caucasian nation’s financial sector, including additional regulations for crypto and fintech activities. The move aims to align Georgian law with relevant EU provisions. Parliament of Georgia to Vote on Crypto Legislation in Coming Months A legislative package expanding the regulatory framework for […]

Cyprus Drafts Crypto Rules, May Introduce Them Before EU Regulations

Cyprus has prepared its own legislation to regulate crypto assets and is likely to adopt it before Europe finalizes a common regulatory framework, a government official has indicated. The authorities in Nicosia welcome the “careful” use of cryptocurrencies, he added. Government of Cyprus to Submit ‘Attractive’ Crypto Bill Cyprus has an “enviable position” in the […]