Putin, Xi Vow to Use Yuan as Russia and China Move to Settlements in National Currencies

As part of the talks that Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping are currently conducting in Russia, Russia has vowed to move to use the Chinese yuan as a settlement currency with countries in Asia, Africa, and Latam. Putin expressed that using national currencies for international trading “should be encouraged further.” Russia […]

Binance Launches Prepaid Card in Colombia

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a prepaid cryptocurrency card in Colombia, expanding its reach in Latam. The card, which will allow customers with their identity verified to make payments with crypto, establishes the country as one of the leading markets for the exchange in Latam behind Brazil and Argentina. Binance Announces Crypto Prepaid […]

Latam Countries Prepare Regional Agreement to Counter Rampant Inflation

A group of countries in Latam is preparing a regional agreement to address inflation, a problem common to most nations in the region. The initiative, which is being spearheaded by Mexican president Andres Lopez Obrador, would allow the exchange of products with high prices between the states to lessen the effects of price rises. Latam […]

Crypto Dominates as Payment Method for Remote Workers in Latam

Most remote workers in Latam prefer to get paid in crypto, according to the latest report from the Deel Lab for Global Employment. The reasons behind the finding are said to be diverse, but include the instability of some of the local fiat currencies, and the influence of high levels of inflation in the region. […]

Brazilians Will Be Able to Pay Taxes With Crypto

Brazilians will now be able to pay part of their state taxes using cryptocurrencies. Banco do Brazil, a mixed ownership bank, is launching the option of paying a set of taxes with crypto, using Bitfy, a Brazilian cryptocurrency startup, as a payment processor, exchanging the cryptocurrencies paid for Brazilian reals on the fly. Brazilians Will […]

Binance and Mastercard Launch Crypto Prepaid Card in Brazil as Part of Latam Expansion

Leading crypto exchange Binance and credit card giant Mastercard have partnered to launch a prepaid crypto-linked card in Brazil as part of Binance’s expansion plans in Latam. The Binance card features 8% cashback for eligible purchases and supports on-the-fly conversion of 13 cryptocurrencies to make payments to local merchants. Brazil Receives Binance Prepaid Card Binance, […]

Latam Common Currency to Focus on Settlements Among Mercosur and BRICS Countries

President of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva clarified the scope and reach of the common currency that Brazil and Argentina are studying to issue in Latam. Lula Da Silva clarified that he believed this currency would be used to settle cross-border payments between the two countries and also countries from BRICS and Mercosur. Lula […]

Brazil and Argentina to Start Working on Creation of Latam Common Currency

Brazil and Argentina are looking to begin work on the issuance of a common currency. Sergio Massa, minister of the economy of Argentina, also stated that the two countries will be inviting other nations in the area to join this economic integration project in the future. Brazil and Argentina to Spearhead Common Currency Issuance Project […]