Report: Somalia to Fight Inflation and Counterfeiters With New Banknotes

According to the deputy governor of the Somalian central bank, Ali Yasin Wardheere, the institution plans to fight inflation and currency counterfeiters with newly issued shilling banknotes. The bank reportedly said it hopes to complete the process of replacing old and high-value shilling bills with newly designed banknotes in 2024. Preserving the Value of New […]

IMF Blog: Better Regulation of Africa’s Growing Crypto Market Urgently Needed

A well-regulated African cryptocurrency market is needed in order to protect users as well as help countries stop bad actors from using digital assets to circumvent capital controls, the latest post on the IMF blog has said. The blog post reiterated the IMF’s belief that risks to a country are “much greater if crypto is […]

Nigerian Currency Gains Versus US Dollar Days After Tapping All-Time Low

Just a few days after plummeting to its worst exchange rate against the U.S. dollar ever, the Nigerian currency was trading at around 820 units for every dollar on Nov. 8, a report has said. An economist has suggested that the Central Bank of Nigeria’s controversial currency plan is unlikely to halt the naira’s depreciation […]

IMF Renews Risk Warning On Stablecoins, But Admits Their Benefits

A study carried out by the IMF acknowledges the necessity of stablecoins to some economies, and the subsequent difficulty in prohibiting them. The body proposes the creation of “complete, consistent, and coordinated global standards” for the purpose of regulating and supervising the issuance and trading of cryptocurrencies. According to the study, the popularity of stablecoins […]