Regulator Halts Trading of FTX Tokens in Indonesia

The agency overseeing Indonesia’s crypto market has stopped the trading of FTX tokens on domestic platforms. The announcement comes after FTX, the exchange that issued the FTT token, filed for bankruptcy in the United States and was subjected to investigations by regulatory bodies around the world. Indonesian Authority Orders Crypto Exchanges to Discontinue FTX Token […]

Indonesia to Change Crypto Regulators as Part of Plan for Stricter Oversight

The government of Indonesia wants to assign crypto supervision to the Asian nation’s financial watchdog in order to ensure better protection for investors. The move is part of a planned overhaul of regulations in the sector aimed at increasing oversight of the expanding digital assets market. Indonesia Mulls Over New Financial Legislation Designed to Tighten […]

Indonesia to Tighten Crypto Regulation With Stricter Rules for Exchanges

Indonesia is preparing to issue new rules to tighten the regulation of crypto exchanges. Under revised regulatory framework, two-thirds of crypto exchange directors must be Indonesian citizens residing in the country. Indonesia Plans to Tighten Crypto Regulation Indonesia is preparing to issue new rules to tighten the regulation of crypto exchanges, officials from the country’s […]

Indonesia Considers Stricter Regulations On Crypto Exchanges

Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade is planning to issue a new rule governing crypto asset exchanges. To ensure more local control, the Indonesian government intends to implement new rules that require two-thirds of any board of directors and commissioners to be Indonesian citizens, as well as to be residents of the country, according to Reuters. According […]

Indonesian Government to Launch Crypto Bourse This Year, Official Says

The Indonesian government is set to launch a crypto bourse by the end of this year, a high-ranking government official reportedly revealed. “We will make sure that every requirement, procedure, and the necessary steps have been taken,” he emphasized. Crypto Bourse Coming Soon in Indonesia The Indonesian government is planning to launch a crypto bourse […]

Bank Indonesia Prepares to Issue Digital Rupiah as Legal Tender for Digital Payments

The central bank of Indonesia is working to issue a wholesale digital rupiah. The new currency is meant to be the only legal tender for digital transactions in the country while the regulator also wants to ensure that it will be exchangeable across borders. Digital Rupiah Concept Expected by Year End Indonesia’s monetary authority is […]

Why the Crypto Industry in Indonesia Is Set to Leapfrog Competing Markets

With over 270 million people, Indonesia is the fourth-most populous country in the world and its economy is one of the largest markets in Asia. It also has a large unbanked population, a receptive regulatory environment and additional factors making it stand out for crypto adoption. In the latest episode of the News Podcast we […]

Indonesian Government Sets Crypto Tax at 0.1% to Be Levied Starting in May

The Indonesian government has decided to tax capital gains income from crypto investments at 0.1% starting in May. In addition, value-added tax (VAT) of the same rate will be levied on crypto purchases. Indonesia to Start Taxing Crypto Income at 0.1% The Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes, the Ministry of Finance, has set income tax […]