Binance Opens Regional Blockchain Hub in Georgia

Crypto exchange Binance has announced the opening of a blockchain hub in Georgia which will promote cryptocurrency adoption in the region. The move comes on the backdrop of a number of partnerships, initiatives, and events the company is involved in in the country. Digital Asset Exchange Binance Establishes ‘Web3 Outpost’ in Georgia Binance, the world’s […]

Nickel Digital calls for increased use off-exchange settlements in crypto

Nickel Digital is advocating for increased integration of off-exchange settlements in crypto, noting that OES solutions can dramatically reduce fraud and bankruptcy risks Analysis shows 63% of crypto daily trading volume is currently on 7 of the largest crypto exchanges that integrate OES solutions. The FTX implosion catalysed further integration of the solution as platforms […]

National Exchanges Reportedly Pause Operations in Venezuela, as Attorney General Confirms Crypto Watchdog Sunacrip Involvement in Oil Sale Schemes

National cryptocurrency exchanges have paused their activities in Venezuela according to reports, as the anti-corruption probe on national crypto watchdog Sunacrip and unlawful oil sales continues in the country. Tarek William Saab, attorney general, confirmed the involvement of the institution in a parallel scheme that involved the sale of Venezuelan oil to third parties, mentioning […]

Bitget now offers financial transparency through Space and Time

Key takeaways Bitget has entered a strategic partnership with Space and Time. The crypto exchange has become the first trading platform to take advantage of a decentralised data warehouse.  Bitget has also launched a Proof of Reserves page on its platform to boost transparency.  Bitget partners with Space and Time Bitget, the largest crypto copy […]

Arrested Bitzlato Exchange Founder Seeks Help From Crypto Community

The founder of crypto exchange Bitzlato, who is facing a money laundering case in the U.S., is seeking support from members of the community. Anatoly Legkodymov was arrested in January for his role in the trading platform which allegedly processed millions of dollars’ worth of illicit funds. Bitzlato Founder Looking for Bail Guarantors in U.S. […]

US Government Remains a Top Bitcoin Holder With Seized Stash Valued at $5.6 Billion

As of March 25, 2023, the U.S. government held 205,515 bitcoins worth $5.6 billion, which is approximately 1.06% of the circulating supply, according to current statistics. The cache of bitcoins is a result of three forfeitures that began in 2020. Glassnode’s on-chain data reveals that on March 9, about 9,860 bitcoins worth roughly $269 million […]

Nasdaq Aims to Launch Crypto Custody Services in Second Quarter

Nasdaq intends to launch its custody services for digital assets like bitcoin by the end of this year’s second quarter. The exchange operator is among those traditional financial firms that want to play a role as intermediaries in the crypto sector which saw the collapse of some major players. Stock Exchange Nasdaq Seeks Regulatory Approval […]

Coinbase Tries AI Assistant Chatgpt for Pre-Listing Risk Assessment of Tokens

Crypto exchange Coinbase has tested Openai’s Chatgpt as a token verification tool comparing it with its standard security procedure. In over half of the cases, the AI platform produced the same results as the manual review, but it also failed to recognize some high-risk assets. Chatgpt Approves 5 High-Risk Tokens, Coinbase May Use It for […]

Crypto Exchange Bitzlato Restores User Access to Half of Bitcoin Balances, Report

Bitzlato users can now partially withdraw their bitcoin funds from the dismantled cryptocurrency exchange, according to a media report. The Russia-linked trading platform was targeted by Western law enforcement and had its France-based server infrastructure seized in January. Bitzlato Customers Allowed to Withdraw Up to 50% of Their Bitcoin at the Exchange Users of Bitzlato’s […]