Brussels Set to Begin Talks on EU Crypto Tax, Report Reveals

The European Commission is preparing to discuss with member states the adoption of a common tax regime for crypto assets, European officials have indicated. The talks with national treasuries are expected to start next year with the aim to end the differentiated tax treatment of cryptocurrencies across the bloc’s 27 jurisdictions. European Union to Consider […]

EU to Target Crypto Miners’ Power Usage as Union Relies Less on Russian Energy

Authorities in Brussels are taking steps to reduce power consumption, including in cryptocurrency mining, as the EU faces limited energy supplies from Russia, the reliance on which it has been trying to lower. New energy efficiency labeling is to address the growing electricity usage in the crypto sector. EU to Develop Energy Efficiency Label for […]

FX Strategists From Citi Say Euro Could Sink to $0.86 if Macro Turmoil Continues

While the euro has found support between 0.96 to 0.97 nominal U.S. dollars per unit, foreign exchange (FX) strategists from Citi believe the euro could tap a low of around $0.86 against the greenback. While the dollar slumped on October 13, the fiat currency is rising again and market strategists from Citi argue that the […]