Digital Euro Key for European Payment Autonomy, ECB President Lagarde Says

The digital euro has an important role in preserving the payment autonomy of Europe, the head of the eurozone’s monetary authority emphasized. The new currency, which is still under development, is meant to be sovereign and safe, cheap and widely available, Christine Lagarde assured during a discussion devoted to central bank digital currencies. Payment Cards […]

Undeterred by Fears of a Banking Crisis, ECB Raises Interest Rates by 50bps

The European Central Bank (ECB) has convened to raise three of its key interest rates by 50bps (0.5%), fueled by the persistence in the inflation numbers reported by the bloc. Christine Lagarde, president of the institution, stated that the banking sector in Europe was resilient and that the institution was ready to provide liquidity if […]

Eurozone Finance Ministers Pledge Support for Digital Euro Project, Talk Privacy

The ministers of finance of the countries in the eurozone reaffirmed their support for efforts to prepare for the potential launch of a digital euro. Meanwhile, the single currency area’s monetary authority sought to reassure future users that the new currency will be “preserving privacy by default and by design.” Eurogroup to Remain Involved in […]

ECB to Decide Whether to Issue Digital Euro in 2023

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a new report on the progress of its investigation into the possible launch of a digital euro. The research will continue next year with the regulator planning to make a decision whether to proceed to the realization of the project in the fall of 2023. ECB to Develop […]

Rate Hikes Needed to Reduce Eurozone Inflation Despite Recession, Top ECB Official Says

Interest rates will continue to rise while the euro area falls into recession, a high-ranking executive at the European Central Bank (ECB) has indicated. His statements follow the latest rate increase announced by the monetary authority last week and revised projections showing higher than previously expected inflation in Europe ahead. ‘We Have No Choice But […]