Binance Opens Regional Blockchain Hub in Georgia

Crypto exchange Binance has announced the opening of a blockchain hub in Georgia which will promote cryptocurrency adoption in the region. The move comes on the backdrop of a number of partnerships, initiatives, and events the company is involved in in the country. Digital Asset Exchange Binance Establishes ‘Web3 Outpost’ in Georgia Binance, the world’s […]

Stablecoin Trading Dominates Monday’s Crypto Market, Tether and BUSD Sell at Premiums

On Monday, the crypto economy experienced significant market activity with $183.85 billion in global trade volume over 24 hours, with a large portion of those trades involving stablecoins. USDC traded near parity with the U.S. dollar, and several stablecoins, including tether and BUSD, sold at premiums. Tether reached a high of $1.04 per unit and […]

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Takes Steps to Allow Crypto Trading

Israel’s public stock exchange is suggesting regulatory amendments that would permit some clients to trade crypto assets. The proposals, which have been put forward for public consultation, come at the backdrop of a growing number of regulated institutions getting involved in the digital asset market, the exchange noted. TASE Exchange Moves to Regulate Cryptocurrency Trading […]

Uzbekistan Allows Foreign Firms to Deposit Funds From Crypto Trading, Restricts Other Operations

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has permitted foreign-based businesses to open domestic bank accounts and deposit funds received from cryptocurrency trading. These companies will also be able to transfer the money abroad, but operations in the country will be restricted. Uzbekistan Updates Rules for Operations With Proceeds From Crypto Exchange Transactions The Central Bank of […]

Income Tax Applies to Crypto Trading in Bosnia, Tax Administration Says

Individuals are expected to pay income tax on gains from cryptocurrency trading, the tax authority of Bosnia has determined. In the absence of dedicated regulations, the federal government in Sarajevo has set up a working group to assess various risks associated with digital assets. Income Tax Is Due on Profits From Crypto Trades, Bosnia Tax […]