Coinbase Challenges SEC’s Definition of ‘Investment Contracts’ in Crypto Transactions

In a recent legal challenge, Coinbase has filed a brief with the Southern District of New York, seeking permission for an interlocutory appeal against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s expansive interpretation of what constitutes an “investment contract” in digital asset transactions. This pivotal case could set significant precedents for the cryptocurrency industry in the […]

Coinbase Anticipates Bitcoin Dips to Be ‘More Aggressively Bought’ Than Previous Cycles

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says bitcoin dips are likely to be “more aggressively bought compared to previous cycles, even as volatility persists during price discovery.” The crypto firm noted that the impact of U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the larger inflow of institutional demand can be seen in the open interest of bitcoin futures. […]

44-Day Bitcoin Drain: Coinbase and Binance Shed 76,179 BTC in Less Than 2 Months

Recent figures show that over a span of 44 consecutive days, 76,179 bitcoins, worth $5.41 billion, have been moved out of Coinbase and Binance, the two leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodial firms by reserve size and total trade volume. Robinhood Bucks Trend With Bitcoin Inflows as Coinbase and Binance Face Outflows A significant volume of […]

Judge Denies Coinbase Dismissal Request; CEO Hails Win for Self-Custody Wallets

New York Judge Katherine Polk Failla has ruled that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has “sufficiently pleaded” its case and the lawsuit will move forward. Legal Battle Ahead: Coinbase Dismissal Motion Rejected by Judge On Wednesday, the most recent legal filings revealed that Judge Katherine Polk Failla has declined Coinbase’s request to dismiss […]

Coinbase to Shift USDC Accounts to Its Layer Two Blockchain Base

Coinbase plans to transition more customer and corporate Usd coin (USDC) stablecoin accounts to Base, its Ethereum layer two blockchain, aiming for reduced fees and quicker settlement times, as announced by Coinbase VP Max Branzburg. The move is seen by some in the crypto industry as a positive step towards an on-chain financial future, setting […]

Coinbase stock rises as Bitcoin goes back above $70k mark

Coinbase stock surges 9% to $280.79. Bitcoin has soared by 8.60% in 24 hours to trade at $70,555.18 at press time. Decreasing Bitcoin supply and bullish projections, like $150k by 2024, fuel investor optimism. Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) experienced a significant surge in its stock price, climbing by over 9% to reach $280.79 per […]

Optimism Foundation proposes a 118M OP grant to Base

The Optimism Foundation and Coinbase-backed layer-2 platform Base eye shared governance of OP Chains. Base will receive 118 million OP token spread over six years. The Optimism Foundation and Base, a Layer 2 on the OP Stack, are looking to cooperate further in the quest to enhance security, scalability and decentralisation in the Optimism Collective […]