Cryptocurrency Rose Ranks in Popularity as Investment Option in Chile in 2022

Cryptocurrencies rose in popularity in Chile, according to a survey from global consulting firm Bain & Company. The survey found that crypto is ranked as the third most popular investment asset among Chileans, only behind investment funds, which were the most popular investment option, and real estate, which ranked second. Popularity of Crypto Rises in […]

After Years of Uncertainty, Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Open Bank Accounts in Chile

After years of court battles in Chile, a cryptocurrency exchange has managed to open a bank account in Bci, a financial institution that established a protocol to serve these businesses. The first exchange that opened a bank account with the institution was Buda, a local exchange, which satisfied the requirements of the bank in the […]

Fintech Bill Approved and Ready to Be Sanctioned in Chile

A fintech bill, which seeks to regulate fintech and cryptocurrency-related activities in Chile, has been approved by the deputy chamber of the congress, leaving it ready to be sanctioned by the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric. According to individuals in the sector, the bill is directed to stimulate innovation and competition in an unregulated market. […]

Hong Kong Protects Local Currency in Forex Market Amid Capital Flight to US Dollar

Following the Bank of England explaining that it would be meddling in U.K. bond markets and the Bank of Japan defending the yen in the foreign exchange market last week, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) revealed it intervened in forex markets on Wednesday. Hong Kong’s central bank detailed that it interfered in forex markets […]

Huobi Partners With Astropay to Facilitate Fiat Payments in Latam

Huobi Global, one of the biggest exchanges in volumes traded, has announced a partnership to make it easier for its Latam-based customers to acquire cryptocurrencies. The exchange has allied with Astropay, a payment services platform, to allow customers in Latam to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currencies in several countries. Huobi to Make Crypto Easier […]

Moody’s States Inflation Is Affecting Economic Recovery in Part of Latam

Moody’s, the asset quality rating agency, has warned the high rate of inflation that some countries are facing in Latam will affect the economic recovery in the region. Brazil, Chile, and Mexico are said to be the countries more affected by this phenomenon, and their recovery will depend on other factors to attenuate the effects […]