Innovations Help to Substantially Reduce the Gap Between Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges — Dexalot COO

While centralized exchanges are thought to be safer and more efficient, proponents of decentralized platforms like Tim Shan insist that user experience on decentralized exchanges has improved. In addition, inherent benefits associated with decentralized exchanges such as the self-custody of assets make look more appealing than centralized exchanges. Decentralized Exchanges Closing the Gap Despite seemingly […]

We Must Expedite the Move From Centralized Services to Viable DeFi Alternatives

There is a reason centralized exchanges have dominated despite being antithetical to crypto’s core tenets. The following opinion editorial was written by CEO Dennis Jarvis. The gross mismanagement and outright fraud in 2022 by many opaque centralized exchanges are driving people back to the core tenets of crypto, such as decentralization, self-custody, transparency, and […]

Bitget Becomes the First CEX to Launch Copy Trading in The Spot Market

PRESS RELEASE. (Victoria, Seychelles, 17 Jan 2023) – Leading crypto derivatives exchange Bitget announces to be the first exchange to launch copy trading in the spot market. As the first exchange for offering copy trading for derivatives in 2020, Bitget has honed its highly liquid, highly innovative flagship product, One-Click Copy Trade, to deliver a […]

Proof-of-Reserves Are at ‘Best Incomplete, at Worst Misleading and Deceptive’ Says Crypto Analyst Martin Hiesboeck

While many crypto exchanges have seemingly embraced the use of proof-of-reserves (PoR) to showcase their transparency and reassure nervous users, crypto analyst Martin Hiesboeck insists such so-called proofs are susceptible to manipulation or misrepresentation. He added that PoRs alone are not a suitable method of verifying an exchange’s reserves because they do not “account for […]

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Believes Decentralization Is Part of a ‘Gradient Scale’

Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volumes traded, pondered the importance of decentralization and the relation it has with security and freedom. Zhao stated that there are several aspects of decentralization and that this is part of a gradient scale, explaining the different ways in which even Bitcoin can […]

Battle of the Year: Russia Vs Ukraine – CEX VS DEX

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become one of the most televised wars in recent memory. It feels surreal, like something out of a computer game, and yet it’s really happening. The truth of the matter is that it has vast human and economic consequences that are being felt across different sectors around the world. Another […]