Stiffing the Staker: The SEC’s Latest Crackdown on Crypto Innovation

The crypto world was jolted last week when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shut down Kraken’s staking program, much to the satisfaction of Chairman Gary Gensler and his team. But what does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency and, more specifically, staking? The following opinion editorial was written by’s Business Development Manager […]

Proof-of-Reserves Are at ‘Best Incomplete, at Worst Misleading and Deceptive’ Says Crypto Analyst Martin Hiesboeck

While many crypto exchanges have seemingly embraced the use of proof-of-reserves (PoR) to showcase their transparency and reassure nervous users, crypto analyst Martin Hiesboeck insists such so-called proofs are susceptible to manipulation or misrepresentation. He added that PoRs alone are not a suitable method of verifying an exchange’s reserves because they do not “account for […]

LA Token launches LACHAIN to bridge Ethereum-based networks

The latest centralized exchange blockchain from LA Token claims to be the DeFi Hub for its users and is compatible with all Ethereum-based networks, though it is off to a slow start in an increasingly competitive ecosystem.This post was originally published on this site