Controversial ‘Tiktok Ban Bill’ Sparks Concerns Among Cryptocurrency and Technology Advocates

Cryptocurrency and technology proponents have recently been discussing a new bipartisan bill called the “Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT)” Act. In addition to targeting firms such as Kaspersky, Huawei, and Tiktok, opponents of the bill believe one of its provisions will punish ordinary Americans for leveraging a […]

Chair of EU Parliament’s Committee on Budgets Calls for Crypto Ban Amid Banking Turmoil

A European lawmaker has urged authorities to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies citing the current crisis in the banking sector as a reason. Johan Van Overtveldt, former finance minister of Belgium, believes these assets bring no economic or social value. Belgium’s Ex-Finance Minister Suggests Ban on Decentralized Digital Currencies Member of the European Parliament, Johan […]

Daily Raids on Crypto Farms as Abkhazia Intensifies Mining Crackdown

Authorities in Abkhazia are stepping up efforts to clamp down on cryptocurrency mining amid electricity shortages in the winter months. The government of the breakaway Georgian region announced it’s also taking measures to prevent imports of mining equipment. Abkhazia Creates Headquarters to Combat Illegal Crypto Mining Operations Police in Abkhazia are conducting daily raids to […]

Ban on Crypto Mining in Residential Areas Proposed in Russia

Advisors to the Kremlin have suggested that home crypto mining should be banned in Russia, or in some of its regions. The stated motive for the proposal is to prevent fires in residential buildings. Amateur miners have been blamed for high loads on the grid causing breakdowns and blackouts. Energy Experts Want to Prohibit Mining […]