Crystal Blockchain Study Reveals $16.7 Billion in Crypto Assets Stolen Since 2011

Crystal Blockchain, a company that provides blockchain data and analytics, published a study covering security breaches, fraud, and scams related to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (defi). According to the study, approximately $16.7 billion in crypto assets have been stolen since 2011. Last year, Crystal’s intelligence team documented 199 incidents resulting in the theft of $4.17 […]

Bitcoin Network Braces for Notable Difficulty Increase in 3 Days

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty, the measure of how difficult it is to find a new block and add it to the blockchain, is set to increase significantly on Jan. 15, 2023, according to current estimates. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty appears to be on track for a 10% increase, rising from 34.09 trillion […]